Die-hard pizza fans tend to experiment making pizza over and over again in their home. Despite their effort, most people fail to make pizzas that could measure up to the ones offered by the pizza restaurants in Crainburg. However, there are some basic tips that can help you make better pizzas. They are given here,

Measure the ingredients by weight

It is important to measure the ingredients such as flour, yeast and salt properly to prepare good dough. Flour is compressible and the measurement quantity can vary up to 50% by using a measuring cup. On the other hand, a scale would display accurate results no matter how much compressible the flour is.

Use the right flour

You may know that the flour is the major ingredient for making pizza dough. Hence, the type of flour used plays a key role in the final taste. Though, it is ok to use all purpose flour, buy high protein bread flour for better results.

Cold ferment the dough

Store the dough in the refrigerator for about 3 days after forming it. By this way, the yeast digests the carbohydrates slowly which can enhance the flavor and the brown characteristics of the pizza.

Stand mixer is not the only solution to knead dough

The process of kneading is essential for the formation of gluten, which brings a structure to any bakes item. However, if you do not have stand mixer to do it, try using a food processor, which works just as well. Or else, mix all the ingredients, wrap them up in a plastic container and let it sit overnight. The next morning, your dough would be ready.

Choose the topping with care

You need to keep the number of topping small and balanced. And make sure that they complement each other and are of high quality.

Follow these tips and satisfy your pizza carvings at home.